Welcome to Stick 'n' Stack

Stick 'n' Stack Lumber, Firewood, Country Wood Products
Stick 'n’ Stack is a family run, faith-oriented business that officially began in 2007. Dan, Ben, and Luke LeClair operate the business from their home in Pennelleville, NY. It started with just the capacity to provide a few services and products for people, and has grown to its present-day capability to provide a large spectrum of products and services to meet all kinds of needs including custom lumber milling, on-site milling, firewood, tree removal etc.

Ben and Luke (sons) both have years of experience with sawmill operations and lumber production. Dan (father) has several years of experience working with people on a personal basis to provide the best possible experience in meeting your building material needs.

From its humble beginning in the middle of a field, sawing material in all kinds of weather to its present-day facilities, Stick N’ Stack has grown by hard work, commitment, faith and loyalty to its customers- and we plan to be around for a long time to come.

Our Purpose & Mission

From its beginning, Stick 'n’ Stack country wood products has been committed to the purpose of producing and providing the best quality material and services for the most competitive prices and to exemplify to all our customers the excellence of moral and ethical values of our faith.